Clive Sutton appoints American Car City as distributor

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Clive Sutton has appointed US vehicle importer American Car City as the official distributor of its range of Sutton Mustangs in France.

Sutton’s partnership with American Car City, which has recently opened a €6m (£5.3m) facility outside Paris to join its existing operation in Lyon, which has a total of 200 American cars in stock.

The new relationship will enable Mustang owners and enthusiasts on the continent to access the full range of Sutton Mustang upgrades, customisation and performance parts, as well as offering vehicles built to order.

Using a new Sutton Mustang 3D configurator tool, buyers can personalise Fastback or Convertible body styles with a wide range of performance tuning and styling packages.

Cars are offered with either the 2.3-litre EcoBoost or 5.0-litre V8 engines, and with the six-speed manual or automatic transmissions.

Sutton Power Packages are available in CS350 tune (for the 2.3-litre engine), or CS500, CS700 and CS800 for the V8 model. The latter uses a Stage 2 Whipple supercharger, upgraded intercooler, new injectors and a larger throttle body, providing a maximum of 825 PS (606 kW).

American Car City is an official Shelby American dealer, selling both Shelby trucks and Mustangs, and is the largest official Dodge dealer in the country.

Partnering with Clive Sutton to become the first overseas distributor for the Sutton Mustangs gives the business a new opportunity to engage with Mustang owners and enthusiasts in France, offering a bespoke programme with full support from Sutton’s UK-based operation. The on-the-road price for the 825 PS Sutton Mustang is €134,900.