Bosch opens training centre in Doncaster

Monday, July 9, 2018

Bosch has opened a £1.5m training centre in Doncaster for the delivery of automotive apprenticeship programmes and technical training.

The 36,846 square foot facility includes eight workshop areas and 12 classrooms providing training to around 300 apprentices throughout 2018, for Bosch’ partners Renault, Nissan and Suzuki.


It is expected that each year over 100 automotive apprentices will qualify through the centre. In addition, the centre will host technical training courses and programmes for qualified technicians on the latest technologies, as well as hold specialised sales and commercial training.

Dr Steffen Hoffmann, president, Bosch UK said: “The automotive industry is currently undergoing a major technological transition, requiring additional skills.

“This new training centre will support the UK’s automotive sector to continue its role as a global industry powerhouse.

“I look forward to seeing a new generation of world class technical experts graduating, whilst already qualified technicians will be kept up to date with the latest technologies reinforcing the region’s global credentials as a centre of automotive excellence.”