Work Supply UK


Work Supply AS was originally established in Norway in 2005 as Ergane Vest AS, recruiting mainly within building industry. Due to a considerable change in the market needs in 2008 the company changed direction to exclusively specializing in providing skilled personnel to the automotive branch in Norway. Over the years the car repair business has become our key customer group and we now employ about 80 professional workers in garages across the whole of Norway.

At present we are running 4 branches:

  • Work Supply AS (Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim)
  • Work Supply UK (London)
  • Work Supply Poland (Szczecin)
  • Work Supply Hungary (Budapest)

Work Supply UK has been operating since 2011 and have already supplied approximately 40% of our employees from the UK and Ireland and we are continuously looking for new employees to fill vacant positions in Main Dealers and Authorized Garages in Norway.

Work Supply Poland and Work Supply Hungary were established in 2012 in order to ensure a professional recruitment process, closer contact with our candidates from those countries and a good flow of information
Due to a huge lack of experienced motor mechanics in Norway we can offer you a good job and excellent working conditions working in well established Main Dealers and Authorized Garages throughout Norway.

Joining the Work Supply Company you will be part of a professional and personal welfare:
Work Supply AS makes sure all the needed documents are ready on your arrival, assisting you in the whole paperwork process to obtain the work /residence permit as well as a tax card.

Work Supply AS insures all its employees in case of any accidents at the work place.

Work Supply AS guarantees every new employee has accommodation secured for their arrival.

Work Supply AS pays monthly salaries. Salary would start at 170 NOK per hour for a 1 month trial, after 1 month the salary rises to 180 NOK per hour (before tax). This salary could be more for Master Technicians with Main Dealer Passports and/or other proof of qualification as Master Technician.

Work Supply AS offers a free of charge Norwegian language course for our best employees.

Work Supply AS ensures a personal contact and follow-up throughout the whole contract length.