Lombard Technology Services Ltd.


Lombard Middle Office & Asset Management is a collection of highly specialised and technical teams that provide integral commercial support and control systems crucial to the Lombard Group.  These are the main activities:-
•    Asset Management, residual value setting, in life and end of lease administration
•    Transaction Structuring and Documentation
•    Governance and control monitoring
•    Business Support
•    Systems Change
•    PricingSpecialist In-Life management  (SIL) 

Unit Stocking Implementation is  part of SIL and  key activities are to manage the overall process of onboarding new customer to the Unit Stocking portfolio and to maintain all other ‘Live Facilities’ giving technical direction as well as physical on site/office support.  Maintaining the facility to match each clients unique set up and change of individual circumstances ensuring the facility support of which balances exceed that of 1.2bn.  Tasks would include:

-    Deliver data management solutions bespoke to each customer to enable robust and safe extraction, transformation and transmission of required stock data. 
-    Assessing customers IT capabilities in relation to the suitability of the Unit Stocking product.
-    Constructing individual implementation plans for all new customers.
-    Assisting in the extraction of relevant data feeds from customer systems.
-    Over viewing and reporting on any data testing results. 
-    Partaking in deal teams in relation to new customers/products/industry sectors.
-    Liaising with Unit Stocking Support, the Unit Stocking RM team, APAK and other external suppliers.
-    Maintaining integrity of customer data delivery methodology.
-    Compliance with Lombard Governance & Controls