BM Cover has one main objective. This is to help to maintain Finance and Insurance profitability for automotive retailers in the UK marketplace by offering a number of specialist professional services.

Working successfully in the dealer based automotive retail marketplace for in excess of 35 years, recognise that there is a need for maintenance or improvement of Finance and Insurance profitability for most retailers in the UK. With each passing year it is clear that the profit margins involved in selling vehicles are being eroded significantly in most cases. This makes F&I income more important than perhaps it has ever been before.

F&I Strategy, FCA Compliance and F&I Training and Development.

Whilst many major retailer groups have recognised their dependence on F&I and have successfully appointed full time Finance and Insurance Development Managers to offer ground level and strategic support, there are many small to medium sized retailers who cannot justify this expense on a permanent month in month out basis.

This is one reason that our company was formed, to offer these other retailers the opportunity to utilise specialist professional Finance and Insurance Managers who are proven in delivering exactly the same service that the major retailers enjoy the benefits of.